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Tsuna yawned, stretching his body slightly. Today, Reborn had proposed for him and his famiglia (including their allies) to do some bonding time, and thus he was sent to claim the best place for picnic in the park. Bonding his ass, he is 100% sure that word would never work out the moment his Storm, Mist and Cloud guardians are within 1 km of each other.

Glancing at the big blue sky, hazel-brown orbs watched the clouds passed by. There was no sun in sight, keeping the temperature at the right warmth. Letting out another yawn, Tsuna hummed feeling a gentle breeze brushed by as he rolled to the side. The weather was so nice, and he got nothing to do (beside watching and guarding the place of course). Might as well get some sleep, it's been a long time since he could have some time alone afterall.

Using his left arm as the pillow, he let his eyelids slowly closed to let himself being lulled to sleep.

"Oya, it's not very wise to sleep here, Decimo."

Said boy jerked upwards, surprised by the sudden voice. The others wasn't supposed to come around this time afterall. "F-Fon-san!" The storm Arcobaleno was standing in his small form, smiling gently at him.

"Greetings, Decimo."

Embarrassed to be caught lazying around, Tsuna rubbed his back head while laughing sheepishly. "W-What are you doing here, Fon-san?" Were the arcobaleno invited? Reborn didn't say anything.

"Hmm, I have a meeting with someone and passed by here by chance," a watch was fished out of nowhere, "Oh look at the time. I've got to go," bowing a little; the baby bid his farewell and turned his heel.

Tsuna was about to lay back down when his sense tingled. There was something…something doesn't feel right. Sitting right upward, he crossed his legs in deep thought. His brows were knitted before he decided to get on his feet, wearing his shoes back on while looking at the direction where Fon walked on. The Arcobaleno has disappeared despite his careful steps, but it might have been because he's the 'Wind', the one with the best agility.

Hopping on a feet, Tsuna stepped out of the picnic cloth, already in his shoes. He gave another glance at the empty place, contemplating on what he was about to do. Reborn will surely knock him dead when he found he'd left his job. Shaking his head, Tsuna gave a mental slap on himself. No, he has to follow Fon! His hyper intuition said so, and it's never been wrong! Well it hasn't, as far as he knows.

Gathering his courage, for Reborn's later-punishment and for stalking Fon, the brunette took a step forward which soon turned to a faster one, keeping the pace to not turning into a run, all the while shouting the Chinese Arcobaleno's name.

"Fon-san!" Heads turning around, trying to catch any of said man's figure. "Fon-sa—," the shout turned into gasps when he walked on nothing. Time seemed to freeze for the decimo as he gulped, braving himself to look downward, to find a hole underneath.

"Whoa whoa whoa," flailing his arms, Tsuna wished he could be like a bird and fly to the side. However, it wasn't long when his weight followed the rule of gravity, pulling him into the hole. No one heard the cries of help.


It was fast. Tsuna could only felt a strong breeze brushed by him as he shut his eyes, fearing for upcoming-impact. It felt so long, really long, that he thought that he will be dead if he has fallen from the kind of height that he started to clasp his hands in silent prayer of desperation, thinking of all his family, famiglia, friends and all the people he loves before he finally remembered his tutor and…his hyper dying will pills. Yes, how stupid could he be? The decimo quickly reached for his pocket to take the bottle only to find that he couldn't find any, his pocket that is. Furthermore, he could feel the breeze going through his thighs despite him wearing the pant-brown-eyes widened when opened and found himself in a blue dress, complete with a white apron. He didn't have enough time to question his state of dress when he felt the fall finally stopped and something soft wrapped around his shoulder and knees.

"Hmm, I didn't expect you to come from above."

Tsuna gulped at the familiar voice. His brown eyes met sharp steel-blue ones, but instead of anger or annoyance which he usually saw on those eyes, they have mirth of playfulness. "Hieeeeee, Hi-Hibari-saaaan?" He jerked once he recognized the face. He felt a tug on his shoulder, promptly making his head fall to the other's chest. There was a second of silence before the brunette jerked again realizing he's in the arms of the ravenette's, "Hieeeeeee!!"

There was another tug, the arms around him gripped tighter. "Stop moving around, herbivore."

"I-I'm so-," wait, is it just him or Hibari's voice is deeper than usual? The brunette gulped, tilting his head upwards, blushing when he realized how close they were. There was something he noticed though. The raven-haired man's hair was spikier. "A-Adult Hibari-san?" What? Was he fired by the 10-years-bazooka? How could that be? Wait…were those cat-ears he saw?

The older man sighed, placing the brunette on his feet gently, crossing his arms afterwards. "I don't know what are you talking about, but I'm pretty sure that's not my name."

Tsuna could only keep staring at the other in curiosity. In his short observation, he noticed that the taller man doesn't only have cat-ears, but there is also a tail…a very weird looking tail actually. It was quite a big tail, and has purple-stripped over its black.


"That's not my name," the other interrupted, scowling, "I thought White Rabbit was supposed to escort you."

"W-White Rabbit?" What is the man talking about?

"No, I-I fell from a hole…O-Oh, right, thank you for catching me, Hibari-san," the brunette bowed to show his gratitude. He couldn't even imagine what would happen to him if the other didn't catch him right in time. Tsuna mentally cringed at the thought.

With his head bowed, the decimo couldn't see the smirk plastered on the other's face which quickly disappeared once the shorter man raised his head.

"So-uhm," fiddling with his fingers, a blush crept on his cheeks as he tried to forget the fact that he was in Hibari's arms a moment ago, "where are we, Hibari-san?" the scenery doesn't seem to be in Namimori. In fact even the trees have weird colors and there's this unknown feeling.

Instead of answering, the other's lips formed into a smirk as he jumped to a nearby tree, looking down at the brunette from a branch, "that's something you have to find out, Alice," and with that, the man hopped off to another tree and disappeared.

Tsuna didn't even manage to yell after the man; his mouth was left hanging. He bit his lips in frustration and confusion, another was of fear. With the strongest guardian has gone, he was left alone in the place, like totally alone. He let out a squeak when he felt a rustle. With arms in front his chest as last defend, he took all the courage to slowly turn around and noticed there are three paths; one in the left, another in the middle and another one in the right.

A sigh escaped his lips when he found the earlier rustle was only the wind. He stood around for a while, pondering on his next action. He surely didn't want to stay any longer in this weird place. However, tilting his head up, his brown orbs stared into a bright blue vast sky and immediately became pale.

He was sure he fell from a hole in the ground, but why he couldn't find the hole anywhere when he was sure he hadn't move around so much from where he originally fell into.

Tsuna let out another shriek when he suddenly felt a chill on his legs.

That's right. Why was he suddenly in dress? He could still remember that he wore a white t-shirt, an orange jacket and a brownish trouser. Where did they disappear too? He raised the white apron adorned along with his blue dress. There was something about it that's reminding of something…

"That's something you have to find out, Alice."

Alice? Where has he heard that name? Why did Hibari-san call him that-No, no, it was only a tale, a children's tale. This could have been Reborn's sick-joke, or Mukuro's sick-illusion…why is he in dress…he guessed that must be one of their hobbies…including seeing Hibari in cat-costume; the decimo couldn't help but cringe at the thought of that.

Not that Hibari doesn't look cute, and at the same time hot, earlier.

Tsuna coughed, trying to stop the blush that was starting to creep up. Being alone was starting to give him weird ideas.

He took another look at the sky. Right, he lost his hyper dying will pills…and gloves. Dear God. Tsuna weighed on the option of him being lost in the unknown place and died with the fact that Reborn would definitely kill him when the sadist baby knows he lost his pills and gloves.

Gulping, the brunette in dress' attention turned to the paths.

"A-Anyway, for now I should look around," after telling that to himself, the decimo bravely took a step, heading towards the left path, following his intuition.

Alice, Alice

Down the rabbit hole

To be Continued.

I don't own KHR or Alice in WonderLand~

This is 1827 and Hibari parade fic =D

Next Chapter:

Chapter 2 : A guide for Alice : [link]
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